Never seen this movie, but have seen clips/gifs of this scene everywhere. I can relate.

"it’s not gonna be easy, it’s gonna be real hard and we’re gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you forever, everyday"

"But don’t you take the easy way out!"

Relationships are tough, long distance relationships are even tougher. No matter how far you’ve made it in yours, unless both people are working on it, it may crumble. Even if you, yourself, are motivated and willing to do most of the work, if that other person lets go, no matter how strong you may be, you won’t be able to support that relationship alone. It’s frustrating because, like every other team, no matter how motivated and driven you, personally, are to cross that finish line together, you’re only as good as your weakest link. That’s what’s so frustrating: you both know its going to be tough, and you’ve made it this far, and you just know if ya keep pushing it together, you’ll make it through the end. but instead of trying to work it out, one person, selfishly, takes the easy way out, and quits on the stool instead of trying to go the distance. Sometimes it does take you by surprise because you had so much faith in this person, you saw someone you could trust, someone who had just as much enthusiasm and motivation in the relationship as you, and believed you could make it through anything together, but instead they let you down, and make the decision, for both of you, to take your team/relationship out of the race.





My question is how does every single person identify with this, is it like a secret rule to use those for sewing supplies?

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  • Question: I know this is prob. TMI, & you don't have to post this if you don't want to, I'm just curious, how do you keep yourself sexually satisfied having a long distance relationship? Not seeing each other everyday.. - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    I jack off a lot.

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it’s happened to all of us (v)


it’s happened to all of us (v)

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I don’t know why I’m stuck on you..maybe it’s just cause old habits die hard, or because I really did love you. It’s just been a struggle between logic and nostalgia at this point. Caught up in the moment, I can’t help but think of all the good times we had together, and it makes me miss you so much, and want you back so badly..but when I take a step back, i see that things aren’t the way they were before, and they haven’t been for a while.. As much as I rocked my rose colored glasses, to try to keep things in ‘perspective’, I realize that I glossed over the cracks..despite how much and how frequently you’ve hurt me in recent times, I didn’t give up. Even when you were clearly in the wrong and tried to turn it on me and make me seem like the bad guy, I swallowed my pride, and took the hit. You’ve said so yourself, somehow I was able to deal with your ‘bullshit’ on a daily basis, and that’s because I loved you..You’ve been in my exact situation before, but even with that understanding, you continued to do things that you knew would hurt me the same way you’ve been hurt by your’ve become what you despised… Maybe I should’ve been the one to let go…but I always said and truly believed that ‘the good outweighs the bad’. And I never gave up, holding on to the belief that we could get through anything together. Even now, I kinda wish this was all just a bad dream and we’d wake up soon, happy and how we used to be..i held on to hope for so long. But I was holding out for the girl you used to be..but now she’s gone… even if you wanted to get back together now..I don’t know if I could do hurt me so bad.. You broke my heart, trust, and, maybe, most importantly my faith and hope in us… you couldn’t even do the simplest things to try to make me happy after you made me so mad..when you broke my trust, you gave up on trying to regain just stopped caring for me..and somehow despite how many times you proudly proclaimed that I was yours, I just became a toy you didn’t want to play with anymore..cast aside for something ‘newer’…i will never forget the good times we had, but I need a girl who will fight for me, someone who can and will help carry a relationship..someone who knows she has a good thing, and doesn’t take it for granted.. I thought you were that girl..however, I did make a promise to you, and I plan on keeping it. If you ever need to talk or anything, know I’ll always be here for you, and you can hit me up anytime…but I’m tired of doing all the reaching and making all the effort… if you need me, you know how to reach me..thanks for the memories. 

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